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    Sales Policy: is powered by Pettinelli Racing by Romelio Pettinelli,  Via Regina Elena, 168/170 62012 Civitaniva Marche - MC - Italy.

    1. the sales agreement, between Pettinelli Racing and the you (the customer), is concluded only if Pettinelli Racing accepts all the order o a part of it. If it is not claimed, this agreement is unspoken.

    With ordering, you agree with all the terms of the contract below.

    2. if the you are an end user,  it is in your own responsibility saving or stamping this sales terms and conditions, in according to art. 3 and 4 of Dlgs 185/1999 about the e-commerce.

    3. In case of no acceptance of the order by Pettinelli Racing, it has no liabilities for direct and indirect damages to things or direct and indirect injuries to persons, and there will be no compensation for damages.

    4. It is strictly prohibited to enter false data, and / or invented and / or fantasy, in procedure Registration required to provide him with the iter for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications, the data and the e-mail address must be the only real data personal and not some other person, or fantasy.

    5. The customer raises the seller from any liability arising from the tax records are incorrect due to errors in the data provided by the customer; the customer is himself the only responsible for the correct insertion.

    6. It is expressly forbidden to make double entries for a single person or enter data of third parties. The Pettinelli Racing reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.

    Purchase Instructions


    1. you are allowed to buy only the products in the online catalogue at, as they are described. All the product pictures will cannot be exactly like the product specifications, colours, dimensions. All the information about the purchase are only general information, they are not related to every product.

    2. Pettinelli Racing shall send you a confirmation of your order via email, if you have included an email address with your orders. Each order has date and hour, when it is been made, and its order number. In all the communications to Pettinelli Racing, you has to indicate the order number. In the confirmation message you has to control all the personal data  and you has to communicate any mistake.

    3. Pettinelli Racing shall reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed, in that case it shall inform you immediately.

    In case of Withdrawal


    1. With the meaning of article 5 DL  185/1999, if you are an end-user (you buy the item for personal use only), you are entitled to recede the agreement without giving explanations and without any penalty, except what is written in the article 3 below.
    2. In case of withdrawal, you have to communicate it to Pettinelli racing, by 14 working days from the arrival of the item with registered letter with advice of receipt to:

    Pettinelli Racing
    Via Regina Elena, 168-170
    62012 - Civitanova Marche - MC

    You may send a telegram or fax by 14 working days and the registered letter with advice of receipt by 48 hours, to confirm it. With the advice of withdrawal, Customer Service office of Pettinelli Racing will inform you about giving back the item by 14 days from the authorization.
    3. The withdrawal is under these conditions:
    - the right of withdrawal is only about the whole item, not about part of it, such as software or its accessories;
    - the item must be complete and with the original wrap, that must be complete with its documents: handbook, cable, etc… To avoid damage of the original wrap, we advice you to insert it in a second wrap; not add any label or adhesive tape at the original wrap directly.
    - About the law, all the shipping costs are be paid by you.
    - The Pettinelli Racing will return any money already collected except for any costs that be charged to the customer.
    To be precise, in case where the withdrawal is exercised in an order where the buyer has, at its discretion, opted to prepay by credit card, the banking commissions charged, amounting to around 3% of the transaction sum, will be retained of the sums to be repaid, prior written notice by the Pettinelli Racing with details on the total amounts of non-reimbursable expenses.
    - The shipping is completely on your responsibility.
    - in case of damage of the item by the pony express, Pettinelli Racing shall communicate it to you (by 5 days from its arrival) to let you file a complaint against the pony express chosen; in this case the item will be put to your disposal and the withdrawal will be cancelled.
    Pettinelli Racing has no liabilities for damage and theft of not insured shipping.

  • -at its arrival to the storehouse, the item will be checked to control any damage not due by carriage.  If the package will be damaged, Pettinelli Racing shall tax you about 10% of the refund as share of repair expenditure.

    4. Excluding any repair costs due to damage of original packing, Pettinelli Racing will refund customer the full paid amount, as soon as possible, and however within 14 days from the date on which of the right of withdrawal came to the attention of Pettinelli Racing, by bank transfer.
    In this case, the customer will promptly provide the bank account on which obtain reimbursement (IBAN and SWIFT CODE).

    5. The right to withdraw totally decade, due to absence of property essential integrity condition (packaging and / or its content), where the Pettinelli Racing verify:
    - The absence of external and / or internal original packing;
    - The absence of original accessories of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts, ...);
    - Damage of the product for other reasons different by transportation.

    In the case of revocation of the right of withdrawal, Pettinelli Racing will return to sender the good purchased, charging the same shipping costs.

    6. To facilitate the exercise of the right of withdrawal download, print, fill out and attach to the product on the following pdf.

    Replacement goods


    Procedure for replacement

    The customer may require the replacement of an incorrect size of a head purchased. Send to Pettinelli Racing, within 14 working days from receipt of goods, by e-mail to or by fax to 0733.775165 the request  replacement specifying:

    • Name and surname
    • Order number
    • Date of invoice
    • Rule to be replaced

    Once we receive confirmation about the possibility of change provide, using a courier at your own choice, the shipment of the product carefully packed in the original package and complete every accessory (if any instruction manuals and everything in origin content) without signs or written of any type on the packaging and without has been in any way used to:

    Pettinelli Racing - Via Regina Elena, 168/170 - 62012 Civitanova Marche ( MC ) - Italia Provide to pay the new shipping charges.

    The goods will be sent  only after receipt of goods to be replaced and verification of compliance with the conditions.
    The replacement will be refused when the product is not returned intact, namely:

    • Lack the original packing
    • Absence of the integral parts of the product (any accessories, manuals, etc.)
    • Damage to the product caused by wear / use.

    It is recommended to use a rigid box and a special packaging to protect the article from damage during transport.

    The timing of replacement depend on the availability of stock and no harm will can require to Pettinelli Racing for delay of delivery of the change. If, for whatever reason, Pettinelli Racing was not able to make the replacement to their score with the same product, this will proceed at its own discretion to sending article with characteristics equal to or higher.>



    1. All the item, sold by Pettinelli Racing, are guarantee by the producer and by 24 month for conformity defects, according to DL 24/02. You have to keep the invoice will arrive with the package or you could print what Pettinelli Racing shall send you via email.

    2. If the repair of the item will be not under producer guarantee, all the costs of repairing and delivery will be due to you.

    3. The 24 month guarantee, according to DL 24/02, is available to all the products with deformity defects, so long as the correct use of it, according to its instructions and its destination of use. This guarantee is turned towards end-user. In case of conformity defects, Pettinelli Racing provides its replacement or its repairing, without costs.

    After the repairing by a Authorized Technical Centre, if the defects will not be a conformity ones under DL 24/02, you have to pay all he costs of repairing and of delivering.

    4. In case of DOA (Dead on Arrival), the replacement will be only if expressly told by the producer. Time of replacement and repairing depends on producer policy.

    5. If the product is not replaceable, Pettinelli Racing could refund the money or replace it with another item with the same performances.

    6. In case of delay in repairing or in replacement any refund is not due to Pettinelli Racing.

    7. In case of giving back - the item must be complete and with the original wrap, complete with its documents: handbook, cable, etc… To avoid damage of the original wrap, we advice you to insert it in a second wrap; not add any label or adhesive tape at the original wrap directly



    1. The sales contract between you and Pettinelli Racing is made in Italy and under Italian Law. In case of civil or penal actions, if you are an end user, you must turn to your municipal court of justice, otherwise you must turn to the court of Macerata.



    1.  All personal data are asked by Pettinell Racing, only to forward your orders, in the respect of the Italian laws about privacy DL 196 on 06.30.03. These personal data will never give up to others.

    Romelio Pettineli is data management holder.



    1.Any complaint will be wrote to Pettinelli Racing, Via Regina Elena, 168-170  62012 - Civitanova Marche - MC.



    1. Information in this site: we attempts to be as accurate as possible in our content and pricing. However, we cannot guarantee that the product descriptions/specifications, pricing or any other content on the site is accurate, complete, or current. Pettinelli Racing has no liabilities about mista due to typographical, photographic, or technical error or error in pricing information received from our suppliers. Pettinelli Racing shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price. We can’t guarantee the correspondence with original extra.

    2. Products and their use: if not expressly claim, the item of this site are for track events only. Pettinelli Racing has no responsibility about accident, damage or death in car/kart/motorbike tracks. Pettinelli Racing disapprove of using the products not  in track events or motor show.

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