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RACE GAS ULTRA Octane Booster (964ml) up to 120
48,36 + VAT

RACE-GAS Do It Yourself race fuel concentrate for for more power of petrol engines

Boosts the Octane number up to 120 of gasoline fuel for more engine performance
Blend 1 can of RACE GAS ULTRA with 15 Liter Super Plus (EU ROZ) 98 Octane, to make 15 Liter of 120 Octane
Blend 1 can of RACE GAS ULTRA with 15 Liter of Super (EU ROZ) 95 Octane to make 15 Liter of 114 Octane
Blend 1 can of RACE GAS ULTRA with 15 Liter of (USA ROZ+MOZ/2) 89 Octane to make 15 Liter of 108 Octane
RACE GAS ULTRA is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, boosted or nitrous engines. 
ULTRA, when mixed with pump gasoline, will create racing fuel with octane between 108 and 112 R+M/2. 
Like all RACE-GAS original products, ULTRA increases the octane, chemical oxygen and chemical energy of the fuel to equal commercially distilled racing fuel.
RACE GAS ULTRA is a much different formula than original RACE-GAS. 
In testing they found the requirements of very high compression engines were different than engines with lower compression or lower boost. 
They needed to create a formula that could achieve the high octane while still meeting our requirements of high chemical energy and high chemical oxygen in a consistent and predictable way. 
"We chose to use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade chemicals and to avoid using alcohols or naphthalene which don’t meet their design standards" said Dan Muldowney.
Further, when they did their engine dyno testing they did “like for like” testing against commercial racing fuel. 
They first did a series of “pulls” with commercial racing fuel, then drained the fuel and fuel rail and added RACE-GAS ULTRA blended with pump gas. 
They then repeated the test. They did not change the engine set up or tune during testing. 
They found that they are able to create the same horse power and torque as commercial racing fuel and that the fuel performed consistently under different conditions.
Increase the octane up to 120 Octane (EU ROZ)
Stabilize same front for a more efcient fuel burn
Increase the chemical oxygen of the fuel without alcohols
Cools cylinder head temperatures
Protects against valve seat recession
Will not harm O2 sensors, catalytic converters or fuel system components
RACE GAS ULTRA is specically designed to make either 120 (EU ROZ), 114 (EU ROZ), or 108 (USA ROZ+MOZ/2) octane. 
We do not recommend blending to lower octane level. 
If your engine requires less octane than 108 please try our original formula RACE-GAS Race Fuel Concentrate.
Note: We would recommend to use a fuel stabilizer whenever you expect a vehicle to be parked for more than four weeks after Race Gas use. 
When running Race Gas orange or Ultra cleaning the spark plugs should be done regulary. 
The plugs will need cleaning ever so often, depending on the mixing ratios. 
The spark plugs eventually develop dusting deposits over time, and a wire brush or brake cleaner cleans them perfectly.
We ship Race Gas as dangerous goods.
Therefore we can only send Race Gas to countries covered by Standard Shipping services.

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